The paper submission portal is EDAS (

The paper submission deadline is extended by one week, from January 7, 2009 to January 14, 2009.
Notifications to authors of the refereeing outcome will be sent out on March 31, 2009.
Authors of accepted papers were requested to upload their final manuscript to EDAS by May 8, 2009 at 11:59pm Eastern Time (New York, USA). Detailed instructions are provided below and in the acceptance notification.


Authors are encouraged to use LaTeX to format their final manuscripts, using the style file and example below. Authors using other means to prepare their manuscripts should attempt to duplicate the style of the example as closely as possible. To view the style, print out the file isit_example2009.pdf below.

Submitted manuscripts should not exceed 5 pages in length, should use font size no smaller than 10 points and have reasonable margins on all the 4 sides of the text. The system will not accept upload of papers longer than 5 pages. More detailed instructions are provided in the file isit_example2009.tex below.


The IEEE Information Theory Society and the Technical Program Committee of ISIT2009 encourage authors to post preprints of their submitted papers on the arXiv <> preprint server at the time of submission. For information on this recommendation and on how to post articles, please go to


Please note the following:

  • Your final manuscript must be uploaded via EDAS, using the link given in your acceptance notification e-mail. Note that this is a separate website. No upload facility is available on this ISIT site.
  • As a more convenient alternative to faxing your copyright form, we strongly encourage authors to use EDAS electronic signing for the copyright form: The copyright transfer may be accomplished by clicking on the copyright icon in EDAS. This will take you to the IEEE electronic copyright center, where you can sign the form for your paper electronically in under one minute. If you still prefer faxing the form, please do not use other IEEE forms without the paper code on them. These will not be accepted, as it is impossible for our secretary to put copyright and paper in one-to-one correspondence. The FAX number to send downloaded and signed copyright forms to is +82-2-571-2721.
  • At least one author per paper must register by April 30, 2009 for the paper to appear in the Final Program and the Proceedings. One author registration can cover up to three papers. Note that one of the authors must present the paper at the conference.
Note that the EDAS site is managed independently of the ISIT home page, and the webmaster of the ISIT home page is not in a position to assist with submission or EDAS-related problems. Any queries regarding the submission procedure or other aspects of the EDAS web site operation should in the first instance be directed to Your e-mail should have "EDAS submission problems" in the subject line and should document as much as possible about your particular submission problem.

Accepted papers will be published in full (up to five pages in length) on CD-ROM. A hard-copy book of abstracts will also be distributed at the Symposium to serve as a guide to the sessions.


All presentations (with the exception of the recent results poster session) are lecture format.
Each presenter will have 20 minutes to present their talk.
LCD projectors are available for all talks.

Further details may be found in the Notes to Speakers & Session Chairs.
For the success of the event, it is expected that each paper be presented by one author. Consequently, "late withdrawals" or papers associated with "no-shows" or "unsatisfactory fill-ins" will not appear on IEEE xplore regardless of the registration status of the authors of such papers.